2020 Graduate Diploma Pick-Up

Seniors who have completed their work for graduation will be able to pick up their diplomas on one of our drive-through pick up days:

Friday, June 26, from 8 am to 12 noon  OR

Monday, June 29, from 1 to 5 pm

Pick up will take place in the front bus crescent.

Before you come . . . be sure to log in to the webstore and check your fines. All fines should be paid before you come to pick up your diploma.  If you have difficulty logging into the webstore, please email Ms. Angermeir at cangermeir@fpschools.org to get your password reset. If you still have textbooks, etc., to return, please be sure your name & your teacher's name are written inside the front cover of each book in the space provided. It would probably be helpful if you also brought your receipt with you.

When you arrive . . . enter the bus crescent at the front of the school and drive to the pick-up station. We will take your name, locate your diploma and any awards you may not have picked up at the stage walk, and let you know if you still have outstanding fines. Remember, both your diploma and transcript may be held until fines are paid.