Navigation (Advisory)

Cardinal Connections is the advisory class that was developed to assist students in the development of a high school and beyond plan over the course of four years.  Each student is assigned an advisory teacher and meets weekly to complete tasks related to the development of the students’ portfolio.  In 2012 the district approved a one-quarter (.25) yearly credit for advisory upon successful completion of Cardinal Connections.  Yearly grades for Cardinal Connections will be P (pass) and F (fail). 

Your portfolio will be your record of the next four years, and will be used in your Student Led Conferences and Senior Presentations.  Student Led Conferences are held every year.  Senior Presentations occur during the spring of your senior year and are made to a panel of community members. 

By the time you graduate, your portfolio will include the following: samples of your work (your best work and work that shows how you have improved); grades, test results, four-year plan, transcripts and credit check; your self-assessments about how you’re doing and how you can improve academically; career goals and post-secondary plans; a typed High School and Beyond Plan; a financial plan for your future; a record of your jobs, internships, or volunteer service; and honors or awards you’ve received. 

Completion of a high school and beyond plan is required for graduation in the State of Washington.  The high school and beyond plan requirement for the Franklin Pierce School District is the completion and presentation of the portfolio. 


Learners ask themselves "What am I working on to succeed?"The student as Learner section of the portfolio is a meaningful collection of academic evidence. Documentation, evidence of work and accomplishments demonstrate how academic history influences four-year planning and contributes to post-secondary goals.

Click on the links below to access forms you will need to complete for this section of your portfolio.

Academic & Citizenship Goal

Credit check (2018-2020)

Credit check (2021 & beyond)

Four-year Plan

Evidence of Growth



Citizens ask themselves "What do I have to offer myself and the world?"The student as a Citizen section of the portfolio represents the student as a community member. Students showcase documentation of their volunteer service and school and community involvement and clearly reflect on how these experiences have benefited others, the community and self.

Click on the links below to access forms you will need to complete for this section of your portfolio.

Volunteer Service

Extra-Curricular Activities



The culmination of a student's state-required High School & Beyond Plan is the presentation of his or her completed portfolio to a group of panel members from the community in the spring of the senior year. Seniors are evaluated and scored on their presentation and on the content of their portfolios, using the district's standard rubric.

Students may qualify to be nominated for the Franklin Pierce Foundation Distinguished Navigation Scholarship by being rated distinguished for both the portfolio content and the presentation. Distinguished criteria are outlined in the Portfolio Presentation Rubric and the Distinguished Portfolio checklist.

Click on the links below to access documents that will assist you in keeping your portfolio updated each year and give you information about how the portfolio is evaluated.

9th Grade Portfolio Checklist

10th Grade Portfolio Checklist

11th Grade Portfolio Checklist

12th Grade Portfolio Checklist

Distinguished Portfolio Checklist

Portfolio Presentation Rubric