Class of 2023 Graduation Information

Franklin Pierce High School

Class of 2023
Graduation Day
June 10, 2023
11 am
Washington State Fair Events Center


Important Dates to know** January 23-26.  First Semester finals

March 30.  Distinguished Senior Essays due

April 18.  Distinguished Senior Exit Interviews

April 24-25.  SBA Testing

May 1-12.  AP Testing

May 11.  Regular Senior Essays due

May 22-24.  Regular Senior Exit Interviews

May 30.  Graduation tickets go on sale

June 1.  Last Chance Senior Essays due

June 2.  Last Day for on-track seniors

June 7.  Senior Awards Night

June 8.  Grad Parade, 10:30 am
               Last Chance Senior Exit Interviews

June 9.  Graduation rehearsal, 3 pm

June 10.  Graduation!

** be sure to continue checking back, as dates may change or be modified as events are added and planning continues throughout the school year.


The Senior Graduation Planner
The Senior Graduation Planner provides an outline of important events and requirements every senior needs to know regarding graduation and what they need to accomplish in order to walk across that stage. This year's Graduation Planner is currently under construction, so please check back for a link that will be provided when it is complete.