Class of 2024 Graduation Information

Franklin Pierce High School

Class of 2024
Graduation Day
June , 2024
11 am
Washington State Fair Events Center


Some final details . . . 

Did you walk at graduation? Photographers from Perlers/B&B School pictures were there taking pictures of each student as they received their diploma cover. If you are interested in purchasing that picture, just follow the instructions below to view and purchase your picture. Click on the photo to connect to their web page.  


Don’t forget to pick up your Diploma!  Someone will be in the office between 9 am and 3 pm through June 30th and again beginning August 10th.  You can stop by during those hours to pick up your diploma. The building will be closed July 3 – August 4. Please note: we do not mail diplomas — and remember, all fines must be paid or items returned to pick up your diploma.

Did you order a yearbook but not pick it up? You can also pick up your yearbook from the bookkeeper between 9 am and 3 pm through June 30th and beginning again on August 10th, following the procedure above.

Do you still need an official transcript to complete a college or job application? Click here to access an electronic transcript request form. It's the fastest way to get this taken care of.  Final transcripts will be mailed around the middle of July, once all final grade processing is complete. Please note: this summer we are migrating to a new computer software and our system will be unavailable from June 27 through mid-July, so the fulfillment of transcript requests may be slower than normal during this time.

Want to relive the graduation ceremony? Click on the image below.


The Senior Graduation PlannerThe Senior Graduation Planner provides an outline of important events and requirements every senior needs to know regarding graduation and what they need to accomplish in order to walk across that stage. Click here to view this helpful summary.