You are encouraged to get involved in the many activities we have available at Franklin Pierce High School. It is a great way to meet new friends and have fun! Our active clubs include, but are not limited to, the following:
Adventure Club
Provides recreational opportunities and adventurous trips for students at FPHS while building a sense of community within our school.
     When: Thursdays
     Where: Room 1203
     Staff Contact: Mr. Horak
Asian Student Association
The mission of the Asian Student Association is to preserve the Asian culture, promote cross-cultural experience, and create a supportive learning environment. ASA share the Asian culture through weekly club meetings, awareness events, education outreach and community projects.
     When: Tuesdays
     Where:  Room 902
     Staff Contact: Mr. Watkins, Ms. Wacker
ASL Honor Society
The purpose of ASL Honor Society is to enrich the ASL skills of FPHS students, for advanced students to further their vocabulary development, and for students not taking ASL classes to learn basic signs, as well as enhancing actual deaf awareness.
     When: on HIATUS during remote learning
     Staff contact: Mrs. Bernth
Black Student Union
Our purpose is to foster students growth in school and in the community, to explore opportunities for people of color, to show historical and present contributions of the culture like art, literature, music, poetry, fashion, etc. and provide and open forum for discussion.
     When: Tuesdays
     Where: Room 1602

     Staff Contact: Ms. Bates-Carector

Cardinal Coven (Wiccan Club)     When: Fridays @ 3 pm
     Where: Rm 1201
     Staff Contact: Ms. Hill, Ms. Gilbert
Chamoru Club
Our purpose is to explore the culture, language, food, dress, and music of the Chamoru people.
     When: varies (see advisor for more info)
     Where: Library
      Staff Contact: Mrs. Goodrum
DECADECA promotes business education among our youth through research and competitions while enhancing their business skills and knowledge.
     When: TBD
     Where: Room 801
     Staff Contact: Mr. Wright
Drama Club
Drama Club provides FPHS students with a dramatic arts curriculum that inspires them to be creative, learn, and think critically as they prepare and perform 2 to 3 shows each year.
     When: Tuesdays & Thursdays
     Where: 803 or Cafeteria
     Staff Contact: Ms. Gray
GSA (Gender & Sexuality Acceptance)
Our mission is to work towards a more accepting environment for all people, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity, through education, support, social action and advocacy.
    When: designated Mondays (see advisor for more info)
     Where: Room 703
      Staff Contact: Mr. McCormick
Key Club
Our purpose is to develop initiative and leadership, provide experience in living and working together, and serve the school and community through volunteer work.
     When: Fridays after school
     Where: Room 702 or the Corrigan Room
     Staff Contact: Ms. Patten
Knights of LARP 
Members participate in live action role play using different periods in time and multiple stories.
     When: Tuesdays after school
     Where: Room 305
     Staff Contact: Mrs. Halsey
Latinos Unidos
Latinos Unidos purposes include bringing the Latinx community, as well as other community allies, together, promoting Latinx culture to the student body, and supporting academic excellence among the Latinx community.
     When: See advisor for more info
     Where: Room 404
     Staff Contact: Mr. Call
Life in Christ ClubLCC focuses on serving local communities around the globe by engaging, equipping and empowering students to unite, inspire and change the world through the gospel.
     When: designated Wednesdays (see advisor for more info)
     Where: Room 601
     Staff Contacts: Mr. Quill
Mural ClubMural Club helps students further their skills as artists. In addition, there are many opportunities every year to use visual arts to promote school pride, building the community at FPHS, and collaborate with other groups and clubs on campus through the arts.
     When: varies (see advisor for more info)
     Where: Rm. 1606
     Staff Contact: Mrs. Kaunda, Mrs. Pascal
National Honor Society
Our purpose is to encourage academic excellence, serve others, and honor the merit of staff and students at Franklin Pierce High School.
     Where: Room 1702
     Staff Contact: Mr. Henry
Native Indigenous Cultural Club
The Native Indigenous Cultural Club meets to learn more about cultural practices of Native American people, discuss current events within the Native community and provide a place for students to get together as a cultural community. The club is open to all students.
     When: Mondays during Connections (9:40-10:15)
     Where:  Corrigan Room
     Advisor:  Ms. Chapman
Pacific Islander Club
Our purpose is to explore the island culture, language, food, dress, and music. PIC also looks at traditional values of island living to promote a better understanding of island people.
     When: Wednesdays, 2 pm
     Where: MS Teams
     Staff Contact: Ms. Apelu
Sports Medicine Club
Sports Medicine Club helps educate students, promote healthy activities and develop a closer contact with students in health and human service pathways. Sports Medicine Club also participates in state competitions in the spring. 
     When: Every other Thursday, 3 pm
     Where: Room 1704
     Staff Contact: Mrs. Disney
STARS (Student-Teacher Anti-Racist Society)STARS works to promote diversity, cultural awareness, and give support to students and staff on racial issues in the school and community. The group takes a stand against prejudice and hatred, while promoting appreciation, understanding and tolerance of others, as well as education for all.
     When: Wednesdays, 2 pm
     Where: Canvas  (email Ms. Kaunda to join class)
     Staff Contact: Ms. Kaunda
Ultimate Frisbee Club
In this club, we will learn about and play ultimate frisbee as well as Spirit of the Game. Both experience and new players are welcome to come out and enjoy the experience.
     When: Saturdays
      Where: MS Teams
      Staff Contact: Mx. Roscoe