Additional Information for Parents & Students about School during COVID

RETURN TO IN-PERSON LEARNING MARCH 22.We are very excited to finally be able to announce our return to in-person learning date of March 22! By now, all families should have completed the survey that will let us know whether or not your child will return to in-person learning or remain fully remote. The link to this survey is no longer available.  Students whose parents did not respond have been defaulted to in-person hybrid, and should attend school in person according to their assigned cohort (A=last name beginning A-L / B=last name beginning M-Z). If you want your student to remain fully remote, you may call the school to let us know. 
The FPHS FOOD & HYGIENE PANTRYThe FPHS Food & Hygiene Pantry became available to support FPHS students and their families after winter break. Click here to make a request from our available stores. We will put together a bag or box for you and contact you when it is ready for pick up or delivery. Requests may also be made by contacting Bonita Lee via email ( or phone (253-298-3837).
Mr. Rhue and Mr. Bofa are now available to assist students in the Teams Homework Center every day. They are available on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 11 am - 12 pm and from 2 pm to 4 pm. On Wednesday, you can stop by online between 9 am and noon and between 1 and 4 pm. Remember, any student trying to access Homework Center during synchronous time will be redirected to their remote classroom in Canvas.

A Virtual Orientation . . .To our newest Cardinals, welcome! As the year began in remote mode, we created this orientation video for our new freshmen. It is still posted here, and would be helpful to any student new to FPHS, as it  includes a campus tour, a "meet and greet" with teachers, information about clubs and sports, information from counselors about graduation requirements, and a message from administration about high school expectations and how to maximize your success in high school.

Some things to expect to remember as you return to in-person learning:
  • At the start of each in-person school day, you MUST pass through the health screening check point in the Commons and show us your "Green Check" on your phone or laptop. You receive this Green Check by completing your daily health screening to declare that you do not currently have any of the Covid symptoms listed in the health screening survey. If you have any of the conditions described in the survey, you are required to stay home for the day. Do not check a symptom if you know it is related to a non-Covid condition (ex: asthma). We will need to have approximately 450 students pass through the check-in station within a 15 minute period, so please take the time to figure out the system that will be the fastest and easiest for you.
  • Yes, all in-person students must bring their fully-charged laptop and charger to school every day. Students should also bring headphones each day.
  • On days when you are not scheduled to be here in person, you will Zoom into your class like you're doing now. The difference will be that while your half of the class is Zooming in, the other half of the class will be in-person on campus receiving the same instruction at the same time. You still have class 4 days per week (2 in person, 2 remote).
  • Standard COVID guidelines are 1) All students and staff must wear masks properly throughout the entire day; 2) All students and staff must maintain social distancing; 3) All students and staff must wash/sanitize their hands frequently throughout the day; 4) All students and staff must stay home if you're not feeling well or showing any Covid symptoms. There are many additional safeguards that we'll continue to share (ex: daily cleaning protocols), but those are the 4 major guidelines from the Health Department.
  • We will host a daily Homework Center for all students to receive additional assistance and tutoring.
  • We also understand the importance and impact of missing out on the social aspects of school. We will be working with staff and student leaders to create social opportunities for all students to participate in including regular meetings for all student clubs and groups.
  • We know that when teachers and students are able to interact face-to-face in the school buildings, we can create the best learning outcomes possible. That being said, we are still in a global health crisis and need to focus first on the safety of all of our students, staff, and families. We're all in this together.
For Seniors . . . 
Class of 2021! Obviously, the year didn't start as you may have hoped. Nonetheless, we all still have the ability to make it a memorable and impactful year that can launch you into your future endeavors, so we encourage you to make the best of your Senior year despite the current situation. Our challenges, hardships, and obstacles do not define us. What defines us is how we respond in the face of these adversities. Keep your eyes on the prize!
The Class of 2021 Graduation Information page is now live! Keep an eye on what's coming up for seniors!

For Parents . . . Teachers and administrators will also be communicating with you via email, so be sure to check your email as well.  Autodialer calls will also be going out periodically with basic reminders, additional information, etc., and our principal Mr. Hartley is will also be sending out periodic updates to parents & students (see bottom of page for links). Once the school year has begun, you will be able to check your student's progress through Teacher Ease.  

If you need to update or add your email to your Skyward account so that you can access Teacher Ease, or if you need to update your primary telephone number to receive autodialer messages, etc., please email our registrar, Sabine Fintak, at with the following information: your name, the information you wish to update, the names of all your students who attend FPHS, and each of their birthdates. Please include a phone number where you can be reached as well, in case Ms. Fintak has questions or need additional information.

New student enrollmentNew student enrollment for the 2020-2021 school year is currently open. Click here to access our district's online enrollment and transfer request forms. If you have enrollment or transfer questions, please email our guidance secretary, Lori Brist, at  If you are enrolling a new student, please complete the online enrollment forms. Once those have been received at the school, we will request records from previous schools, and you will receive a call from our guidance secretary to schedule a meeting with your student's counselor.

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