State Testing @ FPHS begins April 30

State Testing @ FPHS begins April 30

FPHS students are tested regularly by the state to assess their progress as they move through school. In most cases, these assessments are required by law in order to receive a high school diploma. This Spring, the following assessments will be administered:

  • Smarter Balanced (SBA) English language arts assessment
  • Smarter Balanced (SBA) math assessment
  • Washington Comprehensive Assessment of Science (WCAS)

What assessment(s) does my student need to take?

  • Smarter Balanced ELA and math. All students must pass these assessments to graduate from high school. Students will take these assessments starting their Sophomore year, and have another opportunity their Junior and Senior years. For ELA a passing score is 2548. For math, a passing score is 2595.
  • Washington Comprehensive Assessment of Science (WCAS). The class of 2021, currenty Freshmen, will be required to pass the WCAS to graduate. They will take this assessment their Junior year. This school year, all Juniors are asked to take the WCAS for federal accountability and to provide the school with valuable information on student progress toward science standards.

Testing days will run on an altered schedule.
On Monday, April 30th, and Tuesday, May 1st, all sophomores will be taking the English Language Arts SBA. Juniors will be taking the WCAS on May 1st. On May 4th, sophomores will be taking the SBA in math.
    All test sessions run from 8:15 to 10:45 am, so buses will run at the regular time for students who are testing. There will also be a second bus run three hours later than normal for students who are not testing. For example, if a student normally catches the bus at 7:30, that bus will pick up a second time at 10:30.Students who walk or drive to school and don’t need to test should not be on campus before 10:45.  IMPORTANT: the second bus run is three hours later than the first, but school does not start three hours late; school starts at 11 am for all students.
Please click here to see the bell schedules for FP's testing days.